Manufacturing & repairs to PVC & canvas tarps & covers

Are you looking for a cover for your vehicle or industrial equipment? Western Tarps and Motor Trimming will custom manufacture a durable tarp, cover, canopy or tonneau no matter the size of your vehicle.


Western Tarps and Motor Trimming manufactures a range of covers, canopies, tonneau, and shadesails for vehicles, boats and other equipment. Our products are made to withstand the Australian weather conditions.


Manufactured from PVC, canvas, shadecloth, PVC mesh and poly materials, our tarps are custom-made to fit the vehicle or equipment of your choosing. Our staff use a high frequency welder — a manufacturing process which welds two plastic parts together using an electromagnetic field. The biggest advantage of using a high frequency welder is its strength — the material is heated from the inside, fusing 2 objects together within seconds.


Unsure of the size, type or fit you should buy? Allow the Dubbo experts at Western Tarps and Motor Trimming to customise a product designed specifically for you. Contact us today for a quote.

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Gray Cover Tarp — Custom-Made Tarps in Dubbo, NSW


If your tarp has a rip, tear or hole, best bring it into Western Tarps and Motor Trimming. Our comprehensive repair service includes re-stitching, patching and replacing zippers and snaps.


Motor Trimming

Customise the look and feel of your vehicle with a fresh overhaul of its trimming. Motor trimming is the manufacturing, repairing and installation of carpets, panels, hoodlining, seats and tonneau.


Damaged, stained or faded fabrics and panels take away from your vehicle’s visual appeal. Enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic with reupholstered seats, carpets, door trims and more. Our upholstery range is unmatched in terms of quality and durability.


We provide trimming for cars, utes, buses, boats, trucks, tractors and vintage cars. Book your vehicle into Western Tarps and Motor Trimming today by giving us a call.

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